Meet Your Servants...

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Reverend | Ken Gregson

When I first met the Central Christian Church family back in 2017, I prayed that the Lord would one day call me to serve here. 


I made an instant connection with so many congregants, perhaps because of our mutual passion for inclusion of those so many churches exclude.


Having a son with special abilities, and so many LGBTQ friends who had been turned off by churches, it was a blessing to find a church that loved both groups.

This is a place that goes way beyond acceptance and inclusion, to belonging! 


I hope you come join us on this great journey God calls us into.

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Micki leads our music ministry and is our choir director.  She plays the piano and you can hear her love for the Lord in her beautiful voice.

We primarily sing hymns and praise music from the Disciples of Christ hymnal and praise books.  Although you’ll hear Micki slipping in a few contemporary Christian worship songs now and then, as well as the occasional music video.

Music Director | Micki Baker