Down Syndrome Adult with pan of food
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Recovery small group sharing
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Homeless - Seeking Human Kindness
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Autistic boy and DSP
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Young man looking in mirroro - pink hair
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Addictions - various - diverse
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our vision

To create a loving community where everyONE especially those who have felt “unwelcome”, are equal participants in God’s family and are accepted with compassion and understanding.


To provide an inclusive environment that encourages all to participate; we believe all of us need to:

•Serve those feeling “unwelcome” by society, other churches or God; by being with them, listening, giving them voice and advocating on their behalf.

•Serve people living in group homes and those with special needs and their families.

•Bring people to God’s redemption and a new life with Christ.

•Help to facilitate everyone’s journey of faith.

Our Logo

logo with words for website.png

The prominence of the red chalice clearly identifies us as affiliated with the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).  It also symbolizes the central place of communion in our worship.  The X-shaped cross of the disciple Andrew is a reminder of the ministry of each person and the importance of evangelism.

The multi-colored helping hands forming a heart of love around the chalice indicate our service to, and acceptance of, those with diverse differences.  The hands surrounding the chalice are also outside the chalice indicating both support and service to our congregation and the surrounding community. 

Our tag line comes from part of our vision statement and not only indicates welcome but th matching colors of the ONE with the helping hands demonstrates inclusion and belonging as well.  The logo is in keeping with the Disciples of Christ identity as a movement for wholeness in a fragmented world and our history of unity with diversity.